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What are the benefits Executive Coaching can bring you?

Executive coaching can help you achieve several or all of the following:

  • Clarify the blocks that and getting in the way of achieving what you want
  • Identify tools and techniques to successfully overcome those blocks – be that improve your: leadership abilities, or hone your communication or delegation skills
  • Give you the supports you need – provide you with a champion who is 100% devoted to you succeeding
  • Develop your career more quickly
  • Manage stress and ‘the overwhelm’ better
  • Provide you with a think partner – a confidential sounding board
  • Hold you accountable to follow through on certain key tasks
  • Help you identify your strengths and teach you how to capitalise on them so as to compensate for any weaker areas
  • Help you achieve personal and organisational effectiveness

Executive Coaching can also result in indirect benefits such as you being:

  • Happier at work, as you’ve made the transition from constant fire-fighting to working in a more impactful and strategic way
  • Less stressed as your delegation and leadership skills have improved and you find yourself with a better work/life balance
  • Better paid – as you have successfully negotiated a better package or benefits
  • Rewarded with greater recognition in your workplace - as you have started playing to your strengths and this increased performance is being met favourably both by your team, and more senior decision makers


“Adrienne is a valued partner both as a leadership adviser and coach to Mercury Engineering. She has developed a high level of trust throughout the Management group and has added immense value.”
- Patrick Ryan of Mercury Engineering, 2010