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Many clients find themselves at a stage when their personal circumstances have changed. Perhaps they got married, had children, or experienced a loss of some kind, be that in the form of redundancy or bereavement.

This significant life change can lend itself to questioning if they are in the right job, or is there something else out there, more interesting? A role where they might feel more fulfilled?

Or it could be their current job simply doesn’t suit their circumstances any more, or that their priorities have changed. They may no longer wish to travel so much, or stay late at the office. They might find they want to have more time to spend with their children, hobbies, family. Or in some cases, it can be they want to leave the 9 – 5 scenario and start their own business.

In the case of redundancy, they need to find an alternative job quickly, and want to avoid making the same mistakes of their past, choosing a role that offers better security and is a better fit for them.

For some people, redundancy offers a financial buffer that allows them to take the time to figure out what they want to do for a living that inspires them and they feel passionate about.

If you find yourself questioning your current career and want to find a career that you are more interested in, find more fulfilling and simply is more ‘you’, then this coaching programme is for you.

The Career Coaching programme will focus on 5 core areas:

1. Psychometric Assessment - to understand your personality, thinking style and strengths

2. Your Personal Brand and Impact – understanding yourself, your unique talents and the impact you make

3. Best Fit Role – uncover what you are interested in, passionate about and talented at, and bring those elements together to identify the best fit role for you

4. Role Search – develop and implement a strategy for finding the role you want and getting to interview stage. Includes CV support

5. Interview Preparation – prepare for interview so you can deliver a confident interview and demonstrate that you are the most suitable hire for the job.

This Career Coaching Programme offers complete flexibility and is tailored to your specific needs allowing you to choose the topics that you feel are most relevant to your personal circumstances. If you want to know more, contact Adrienne at 01 892 8019 or


“Adrienne is a valued partner both as a leadership adviser and coach to Mercury Engineering. She has developed a high level of trust throughout the Management group and has added immense value.”
- Patrick Ryan of Mercury Engineering, 2010