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This programme will help you develop the key competencies you need to be a more effective leader. This very popular programme is fundamentally a leadership training programme completed on a one-to-one basis.

Great leaders inspire us, ignite our passion and motivate us to take action and achieve results. However maintaining great leadership is a constant challenge as new circumstances and changing demands required us to adapt, learn, and apply new and different thinking. Leadership is a continual learning curve and to execute a consistent high level of leadership requires focus and practice.

To be a positive influence on your team and peers to achieve superior performance results requires you to be assessing and upgrading your skills often.

The Leadership Coaching Programme focuses on the 5 leadership competencies that effective leaders demonstrate.

  • Demonstrating Personal Leadership
  • Creating a Compelling Vision that People can Buy Into and Deliver
  • Empowering People to Deliver Results
  • Collaborating Effectively
  • Enabling Change

This coaching programme will allow you to significantly improve your:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Positive influence on others
  • Ability to achieve sustainable results
  • Confidence

The skills you develop during coaching will enable you to improve your overall effectiveness as a leader and make the transition from knowing what you need to do, to implementing the tools and approaches that will bring you long term success.

The Leadership Coaching Programme is tailored to your unique needs and will help you develop your ability and confidence in the key competencies required to upgrade your leadership capability.

  • It covers the 5 key competencies that when mastered enable you to demonstrate consistent and confident leadership
  • It is designed to be stimulating, practical and easy to follow and apply
  • It allows you to choose how quickly you want to progress through the programme be it 12 weeks or 12 months.
  • It is broken down into easily manageable chunks so you can see your progress and stay focused and motivated
  • It is completely tailored allowing you complete flexibility in choosing which skills to focus on and when depending on what is most relevant to your situation

To find out more about the Leadership Coaching Programme, download the following PDF or contact Adrienne today at 01 892 8019 or


“Adrienne is a valued partner both as a leadership adviser and coach to Mercury Engineering. She has developed a high level of trust throughout the Management group and has added immense value.”
- Patrick Ryan of Mercury Engineering, 2010