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The Next Step Coaching Programme

The Next Step Coaching Programme is for those professionals who are ready or thinking about getting ready to take the next step in their career.

This programme is for you if you are:

  • A business owner who wants to take themselves and their business to the next level
  • A high performing professional who is looking to take the next step to a managerial position
  • A senior executive who is faced with the question – is the role of a CEO in a large organisation right for me or will it stifle me?
  • A senior consultant who is being considered for a partner role, however is concerned about what they may have to sacrifice on a personal level
  • A professional who is feeling overloaded in their current role

A former client benefitted from this Next Step Coaching Programme.

Her challenges were:

  • She was responsible for a team, tough targets, and a budget. Keeping her up at night were concerns about the many conflicting demands placed on her
  • There were simply not enough hours in the day to deliver the results required by senior management
  • She worried about her team’s ability to deliver. She knew she needed to spend more time with them, yet management reporting and a diary maxed with meetings is taking her away from that
  • She found the constant demands were causing her to lose some confidence

If this sounds familiar then The Next Step Coaching Programme is for you!

Adrienne worked with her to do the following:

  • Help her prioritise effectively and to focus on what was most critical
  • Develop sure fire successful way to delegate effectively
  • Tackle difficult conversations with both her direct reports and her superiors with confidence
  • Move away from fire fighting to work in a more impactful and strategic way

She said:

“The Next Step Programme gave me practical, tangible solutions for how to overcome what’s been holding me back. It helped me identify my passions and priorities. I was enabled and motivated to figure out the next step in my career; and the programme helped me structure a plan around getting there.”

This comprehensive programme will enable you to make the next step in your line of business in a stimulating, practical and structured way.

It covers the following 6 areas that will enable you to smoothly make the transition to the next step:

1. Psychometric assessment

2. Getting organised

3. Delegating with confidence

4. Difficult conversations and feedback

5. Personal branding

6. Role analysis.

• It is structured into 12 coaching sessions which can be done at any time or any time period, from a period from 12 weeks to 12 months. You choose how quickly you want to progress through the programme

• It is broken down into easily manageable chunks so you can see your progress and stay focused and motivated

• It offers you flexibility in choosing which skills to focus on, depending on what is most relevant to your situation

Most importantly – it works!!!

To find out more about The Next Step programme, download the following PDF or contact Adrienne at 01 892 8019 or


“Adrienne is a valued partner both as a leadership adviser and coach to Mercury Engineering. She has developed a high level of trust throughout the Management group and has added immense value.”
- Patrick Ryan of Mercury Engineering, 2010