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But surely all I need is the best talent to succeed?

In an ideal world, this would be the case. We live, however in an imperfect world and humans tend to not always do exactly as one might think.

Talent is a key ingredient, but not a guaranteed recipe for success. One of the best examples of this comes from the world of football.

In 2009, Real Madrid bought two of the world’s best football players: Ronaldo and Kaka, at a cost of almost €150million, (not counting their wages of €100,000 a week).

So Real Madrid, with two of the best players in the world and several of other top class players:

  • Finished second in 2009 in the Spanish Premier league (La Liga)
  • Were knocked out of the Champions League at Quarter Final Stage
  • Did not progress in the Spanish Cup (Copa Del Raya)

This football example proves that - even with two of the best individual players in the world, team success is never guaranteed.

Question: Is the To Be Coaching Service Confidential?

Yes a certified coach like Adrienne O’Hare of To Be Coaching is bound by professional ethics which guarantee the highest forms of integrity.


“Adrienne is a valued partner both as a leadership adviser and coach to Mercury Engineering. She has developed a high level of trust throughout the Management group and has added immense value.”
- Patrick Ryan of Mercury Engineering, 2010